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32nd Sunday C

For this Sunday allow me to give a brief missionary sharing... 


These are the things that I experience in my mission here in Papua New Guinea. There is almost no electricity every day. The internet is very expensive and yet very slow in connection. Our monthly allowance is not even sufficient to buy internet data so that we could communicate frequently to our loved ones. Since there are no rice fields, rice is likewise pretty expensive, and consequently, I am forced to eat the local staple food, like banana, taro and sweet potato.

However, what I learned from these experiences is that, simplicity and trust in God are gifts that bring the person to a real happiness. I am so grateful that I am sent here, in this very different world. Sometimes God puts us into situations that we do not like, but at the end of the day, we would realize that this or that place is the best for us because it is actually meant for us. In addition, the place will teach us to value what is essential in life.

Doing a mission here in Papua New Guinea is not thinking about the end time, but living the present time, which is more essential. Indeed, as some people would say, “the past is history, the future is mystery and the now is a gift,” and that is why we call it the present. Let us not be afraid of the end time. God will take care of it. What we can do is to prepare for it. We need to persevere every day with strong faith in God, as doing what is just and what is good.




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