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Greetings of God’s Peace and Love!
Let me begin by sharing a personal anecdote that made me reflect on human imperfection and God’s constant and irrevocable love. 
Nowadays, the temperature in Seoul has constantly dropped to below zero that brings chills, and often this can be unbearable to us who come from the tropics. To protect myself from the harsh winter, I went to visit a shop that sells second-hand clothes and other stuff. As I entered the store, a very nice-looking signature jacket instantly caught my attention. It is made of a very good, sturdy and durable material. It fitted me very well when I tried it, and it immediately gave me warmth and comfort as well. However, there was a minor problem when I carefully examined it. There is an indelible stain on the lower portion of the right sleeve. I consulted a friend whether it was worth buying, but he immediately discouraged me because of that irremovable mark. However, after weighing the pros and cons, I proceeded to purchase it at a very reasonable price. It came to my mind the stain cannot impede the purpose for which the jacket was manufactured nor diminish its value in itself.
I have further reflected on it, and I would say that our worth and value as a human person don’t depend on our external accidents, like accomplishment or perfection in any manner whatsoever, but on the reality that we are created in God’s image and likeness. A single mistake, or even a pattern or chain of irreversible human error, can never change God’s love for humanity because His love is so immense and immeasurable. Proof of this is the hate-love relationship which had been experienced between the Lord and the people Israel. This stain has rather paved the way to execute the great plan of salvation through that incredible and unimaginable Incarnation of the Son of God.
The spotless, blameless, stainless Son of God took upon himself the human nature, which is stained by sin, so that we can have a share in His divinity. That has made our dignity and value as a human being unchanged, despite the failures and mistakes we may have committed in our life. God continues to love us, and we shall likewise continue to respond to His love, even if often we fail.
Let us rejoice and be grateful that the Lord Jesus, our Emmanuel, is born in our stained humanity. 
Mapagpalang Pasko sa inyong lahat, at puno ng Pag-asang Bagong Taon!

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