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These are the words that the apostles proclaimed after witnessing the cruel death of our Lord in Calvary and burying Him in a tomb.  But as the Gospel narratives tell us, this proclamation happened only after overcoming initial fear, doubts, frustrations and even near despair.  This bold proclamation - of someone rising from the dead – needed so much courage and faith to believe in.  That faith was brought about because of an encounter, an encounter with a person whom they have followed, lived with and loved, someone with whom they have put so much faith and hope into, and whom they thought has left them, but is now once again in their very midst and promises that He will forever be with them.  And so, this Easter encounter of the apostles with our Risen Lord, changed them, their very person, their lives…changed and transformed men and women with a mission.  From then on, their encounter with others were moved by only one thing, that is, to profess and proclaim faith in the Risen Lord. 

In one of his Easter messages, Pope Francis has mentioned that Easter is a personal and communal journey.  In a way, I would say that this journey can be described as an Encounter with the Risen Lord, which brings Faith that leads to Transformation and moves one to Mission.  This is the Easter journey that the apostles and early Christians went through.  That He is risen continues to resound throughout the world after more than two thousand years since it was first proclaimed and has brought faith to countless men and women, whose lives have been transformed leading them to become heralds of this Good News of salvation.

As MSP missionaries we continue to proclaim these very same words in our mission.  But like the apostles, we too, experience in our daily life and mission a lot of fears, doubts, frustrations and in a way some certain degree of despair.  Like the apostles, we too, need to overcome all these in order to be true witnesses of our Risen Lord.  Perhaps it would be good to ask ourselves, have we truly encountered Him?  Have we been transformed, so much so that like the apostles, the only reason for our life and mission is to be able to proclaim that He is alive and is truly with us?

As we journey into this Easter season, may the following days and weeks be for us, moments of encounter with Him who will strengthen our faith, that will truly transform us, inspire and enliven our missionary works.  We pray for this and journey together as one community of disciples!

A Blessed Easter for us all!


Fr. Jonathan N. Germinanda, MSP


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